Client Testimonials

These client testimonials should give you an idea of what it is like to work with me. I been blessed with many great clients and I am happy to know they enjoyed working with me and that they were happy with the results of our collaboration.

"I spent two years writing the story of my life. When that effort was completed I really had no idea what the next step should be. Through a writers’ club, I contacted Ellen Davis. Ellen had the expertise that was needed to edit, format, insert photos and design a cover that turned my hard work into what I hope will be, a history for my grandchildren. Ellen provided great suggestions, did outstanding work quickly and economically. She is a joy to work with and I am extremely happy with the final product. Ellen, many thanks for helping with “Grandpa Chuck”."

~Chuck Murphy, author of Grandpa Chuck

“Working with Ellen Davis of Key Book Design has literally changed my life. I came to her with a 200-page Word document, and she turned it into a polished and published book. “Polished” is the operative word here. Ellen did not just take that document and feed it through her publishing program. She worked with me chapter by chapter, sometimes line by line, to turn it into a book that I am so proud to have authored. Her cover-design skills are also outstanding. Ellen works with quick, but extremely detailed, turn-around time. I was so touched by all the work she put into publishing Breaking Free From Diet Prison: Common Sense Keto and Low Carb, that I dedicated my second book to her.”

~Miriam Hatoum, author of Breaking Free From Diet Prison: Common Sense Keto and Low Carb

“I did not know how to go about publishing my first book, but when I met Ellen at a conference, we had immediate rapport. That led to a great relationship which has continued during the editing and publishing of my two books. I’m sure her attention to detail has made my books much better finished products. Her skills in all aspects of publishing are very impressive. She has also made many useful recommendations for the marketing of my books. I appreciate her steady guidance throughout the book development process. I look forward to working with Ellen again on all my future projects.”

Leslyn Keith, OTD, CLT-LANA, author of The Ketogenic Solution for Lymphatic Disorders and The Lymphatic Code

“If you are an author seeking a designer to help bring your book to life, look no further than Ellen Davis. She is a consummate professional in designing both print and electronic books. I have worked with her in both formats and her work exceeded my expectations. As a writer with no design knowledge whatsoever, I might have been able to teach myself using some of the software and online tools now available, but it would have taken me months to accomplish what Ellen produced in days. Her sense of style and sophistication ensured my books were both visually appealing and reader-friendly, in ways I never would have been able to achieve on my own. She has impeccable attention to detail and is dedicated to making sure authors are happy with the final look of their projects while also providing keen insights about book design as it relates to marketing and sales. She works with impressive speed and was meticulous with regard to deadlines. I recommend Ellen Davis highly to other authors who are looking for talented, trustworthy, and dependable assistance in shaping the look of their books. Focus on what you do best — writing, and trust Ellen to take care of design. It will be in excellent hands.”

~Amy Berger, author of The Stall SlayerAlzheimer’s Antidote, and End Your Carb Confusion (with Eric Westman, MD)

“Ellen was great to work with on my small ebook project. Not only was she prompt in responding to questions and in getting the work done, but she seemed to anticipate what I needed before I asked. Ellen spent time looking at my other printed projects and getting to know my style before we started working which helped the process go more smoothly. In fact, the ebook was completed in about half the time that I anticipated.”

Kristie Sullivan, PhD, author of A Journey Worth Taking and other books on ketogenic cooking

“I want to recommend Ellen Davis for her book designing skills. My wife and I recently wrote our first book, Moving to a Tiny House and we needed help to prepare the writing for self-publication. Ms. Davis walked with us every step of the way. She helped us further develop our concept and encouraged us as we wrote. She was instrumental in the book’s layout, the placement of the many photographs, text editing, cover art and much more. Her interest in our project and her energy were supportive and inspiring. We are so thankful for her skills and enjoyed our collaboration with Ellen.”

~ Rick Smith, co-author of Moving to a Tiny House…What we Learned about Making it Work

“It was a blessing to discover a cover and interior book designer with such a broad knowledge of the various print-on-demand services. I had been struggling to get my second book published, and Ellen swiftly understood what I needed and did a terrific job with my book. She coordinated the transfer of files from the team that did my first book, and basically managed the whole project for me. She was surprisingly fast, while handling the details with care and offering some great suggestions. It would be difficult to find a more caring, effective and efficient book designer. She made the process seem effortless and easy. I am looking forward to collaborating with her on future projects.”

–Curtis Lee Songster, MD, author of Ivory Joe Beagle and Open Wide and Say Ahhh…and Other Mostly True Tales from the General Practice of Medicine in Hardin County, Kentucky